Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wally World vs. Kroger

I've been back and forth with the two for many years. For the last 2 years I've been a Wal-mart grocery shopper.

Why, well I was slacking on the coupon cutting and figured I was getting the cheapest price.

*Sigh and Head Hang*

Yes, I know I am self proclaimed Frugal Jen and I wasn't using coupons.
Let me share my pro's and con's of both....


  • I can bring in other stores ad's and they will match the price
  • They are coupon nuts.. they instantly know if one is expired or you need a multiple item. They almost call you out on the loud speaker.
  • They have the best price on diapers!
  • If the kids need some clothing items I can pick it up. Remember this post.
  • They sell my favorite coconut lime candle.
  • The two above bring me to the conclusion... I won't stick to my list I spend more $$$
  • I will only visit one location. Some can be kinda shady and scary.


  • They have a car cart which the kids enjoy.
  • They double and triple some coupons.
  • You can have your grocery's taken to the car.... Do we tip these people?
  • I stick to my list.
  • They have Boars Head brand meat!!!
  • I spend less money.


I bought the same grocery items at Kroger this week I usually buy at Wal-mart. I spent $60 less. I noticed that the regular price of items is cheaper on most of the items. Kroger was cheaper on breads, cereals and can items. Wal-mart was cheaper on it's meats.

I will be Krogering and see if this saving trend continues. Plus, I am back couponing!

Where do you grocery shop?


~ Cee ~ said...

Hi, I'm a new reader! I found your blog through a link on another frugality site. Our family has the same dilemma, but have recently been visiting Kroger more. I tend to seek out store brand items, so I feel that I am able to get better savings at Kroger rather than at WalMart, where it seems like they have store brands for some items, but not others. And I feel Kroger has a better selection of fresh produce. I'll still go to WalMart for children's clothing and other items, but for food, I think we're sticking with Kroger for now.

Jenny said...

I hate Wal-mart so im a Kroger fan for sure. Last weekend when they did the double to $1 we got $260 worth of groceries for $140 with limited coupons. Thats our groceries for a month or more for some things. We're still costco fans for produce, meat,etc because we buy in bulk and freeze both but LOVE Kroger. Plus we hit the one by you and play at MC'ds after-wards:)

Oh and i may pay more for shampoo etc at K but I dont buy the clothes etc when I go to wal mart so it totally evens out and i actually spend less!

Lo said...

If I need shampoo, my favorite Neutrogena spray tanner, bodywash, etc -- I'll go to Wal-Mart. However, we have to drive out of the way to get to a nice Wal-Mart too! The Little Rock, AR ones are scary so we go to the next town :)

As for Kroger, its just so easy to get my grocery items there because they don't have stuff like electronics sections to block my path. I don't enjoy grocery shopping, so I'm on a MISSION when I'm there to get in and out! Also think they're a tad bit cheaper.

melissa said...

I always go to Walmart. It's a one stop shop. I can get everything I need and the lines are always fast.

Mommyto3andahusky said...

My husband works for all of the kroger's up here. He is their IT guy. He says it is cheaper on most things plus you can't beat their 10/$10 deals sometimes. We stock up when we see sales there but I get my stuff that I don't have a coupon for at walmart because it tends to be cheaper for me. Also did you know that prices at walmart vary depending on location? In our bad part of town prices are way lower and in the good part it is sky high. Not cool!

Milla & her mommy said...

We have a Walmart neighborhood market by us, so that's where I go. There are no clothes there so that temptation is gone. I don't do coupons anymore so I always feel like I'm getting good prices at Walmart. We were ALWAYS Kroger people before Milla, but I almost ALWAYS make my budget at Walmart. Oh and something like 80% of Roger's paycheck comes from Walmart SO I feel like I should be loyal to them!

Ben and Emily said...

I too am new to your blog and am loving it!

I shop at both Kroger and Aldi's. I try to get the majority of my groceries at Aldi's but have to go to Krogers for Lean Cusines and other name brand items. Aldi's has great food and is usually a lot cheaper!!

:) emily

Aimee said...

I never buy meat at WalMart, but I buy all my cleaning & laundry products there plus hygiene stuff like soap & shampoo. I do a lot of grocery shopping at Kroger and Albertson's. I shop the ads and I use coupons there because they'll double or triple them. I actually didn't buy paper towel at Wal Mart this week because I had a coupon for a small amount. Instead I went to Kroger and got it almost half off. I definately enjoy shopping at Kroger more than Walmart!

the undomesticated wife said...

I used to do Kroger, but I had a run in with them about the pharmacy (long story) and they pissed me off. So I went to Target. But their prices seem to be really high lately, and since I've been laid off, I'm trying to save more $$ I've had to lift my decade-long boycott on Walmart. It pains me to shop there. I am disgusted with myself. Bleh.

Amanda Rooney said...

I've really enjoyed reading both your blog and the other comment left pertaining to this subject.

I have this battle in my mind often. Kroger, BY FAR, has better produce and more name brand products. However, their meat/chicken/pork prices seem SKY HIGH.

From reading the other comments, I'm thinkin' that if I become better at clipping and ACTUALLY using my coupons, then maybe Kroger wouldn't seem so expensive in the end.
Wal-Mart has better pricing on meats, but I tend to carefully watch what I buy. They price match, but have gotten VERY picky.

And I completely agree with Boar's Head...gotta have it!!


SuzSpeaks said...

I'm getting REALLY tired of walmart. It's such a hassle. Plus, the convenience is not good for my bank account. I went yesterday for just a FEW items and left having spent 80.00. I feel like when shopping at wal-mart that my coupon cutting isn't as useful! We do not have Kroger or Albertsons here in OK anymore (at least in our area). My choices are wal mart, Homeland or Crest. Homeland does double up to 1.00. But the items that are NOT on sale or I do not have a coupon for seem outrageous. So... I'm still unsure! ha!

Murry Mayhem said...

I only have 2 choices: Wal-mart or HEB. It makes me very sad. No Super Target, Kroger, or any of the others. So I go to both depending on what sales HEB is having.

kottagekara said...

Jen, I am really enjoying your blog. I am a total Kroger and coupon girl(can I be a girl and a G'ma at the same time?). Have you ever heard of The Grocery Game? They do the coupon-price matching work for ya! I love it and have used it several years. If you are interested i will forward the info.