Friday, August 7, 2009

Frugal Friday- Kirklands

Yesterday I was shopping at Kirkland's looking for something for my newly painted accent walls.

They are having a HUGE mirror sale.

Too bad I could not find any matching ones.
Anyone else have an idea for accent pieces for this wall?
So when I got home I went to Kirkland's website and found this new site

YIPEE!! I am so excited!

Kirkland's now has an online community of home decorators. I am in heaven!

Just what I need another online tool to keep me away from laundry and cleaning.

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N. said...

Do you have any vinyl word art on your walls anywhere? I use Uppercase Living, but I know that have them at Hobby Lobby too. With the brown walls a copper color or black would look so cool!

I'll try to e-mail you a pic of our one that says "Taulman" and "love one another" across it. I actually have some form of Uppercase Living in every room!

~Allie~ said...

I like to use wall sconces.. one on each side of the fireplace. I like electric. I think that would be perfect!!!

Heather said...

What about wall sconces or floral arrangements for those areas? That's awesome about the kirkland's website! Thanks for sharing!