Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Living Room Turned Dining?

We've been in our home almost a year. For the last year this room has sat exactly like this... empty.

This is the view right when you walk in the front door.

We've had 2 designers out to help us design the space. Lot's of $$ and we are not "formal" people. Remember we have 4 kids and another on the way.
I'm looking for functional.
Early this morning at 5:30 am it hit me.
Make it the dining room and turn the dining room into a little cozy piano and wine room.

This is our current dining room.

My thought:
Raise the chandy up.
Put my childhood piano in front of the windows
Add a couple club chairs and a side table

A nice room to chill in.

I look forward to resuming my Wine Wednesday's with my husband after the baby arrives.

Am I crazy or will this work?