Tuesday, April 24, 2012

House Before and Afters

We've been in our house for almost a year now.
We've done a lot of work and still have a lot to do.
I was looking back at photos today and I thought I would share.
This is how the entry looks today.
We've done a ton of painting and wall paper removal.

This is a bit of the living room/ bar/ kitchen
before when we first looked at the house at year ago.
This is it today. We've painted and refinished the hardwood floors.
I'm hoping we will redo the kitchen and get me some new appliances and granite soon!

I'm enjoying the country life. Many changes but my favorite is the quiet 2 lane roads.
I don't miss the long lines at the traffic lights.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Seasons of Friends

We always hear life is a journey.
What does that really mean?

I've been reflecting lately on friendships I've had over the years.
Our move has had me thinking.

Some are with you for many years others only a few months.
Childhood friends, church friends, kid activity friends, neighbors, friends you meet by chance.... the list goes on and on.

As life changes so does the contact with these special people in your lives.
Just because life has taken you in a different path doesn't mean these people are less important.
These memories and journey is very important in who you are and who you become.

Each of my friendships have had purpose and I value the time spent with each and everyone.
God brings people together when you need it.

I can't tell you how many times I've been praying for a particular thing and someone comes into my path and helps me or leads me in the right direction.

Today I'm praying for all the people I've called friends over the years. Those of you I've emailed in the blog world to those of you who I've known as long as I can remember in real life.

May God Bless each of you and bring you peace today.

Thank you God for friendship.

I see a beautiful image in heaven seeing familiar friendly faces along your path.

We're all here on Earth striving for the same goal.
Let's pray for one another and ask for God's blessings.
Maybe today is the day you call a friend you've lost contact with just to say hi.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Time to Celebrate

Spring time so many things to celebrate!
Easter was an anticipated celebration in our home.
After the 40 days of lent and no desserts the kids were overjoyed and filled with treats.
I didn't get a photo before church when the girls had bows and Will had on his church pants. But here are the kids about to head out to lunch with the grandparents.
This little girl cracks me up. She should be called "Miss Independent". She wants to do everything herself. She likes to eat with her long baby spoons. Lots of messes!
Another celebration was our oldest daughters 15th birthday.
In our new town they have these signs up in the middle of town that kids paint for birthdays and special occasions.
It's a mark we're officially residents Katelyn's birthday was annoucened on the sign. Her sweet friend Elizabeth painted it for her. What a great friend and talented artist!
Here is Kate and her pretty friends for her birthday party. These girls are a ton of fun! It reminded me of my teenage sleepover days.
They pigged out on junk food, took a ton of photos, decorated pillowcases and headed off to a late showing of the Hunger Games. Sleep time, what's that??