Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Krispy Kreme

Oh howI love Krispy Kreme donuts!

This is one thing I miss most about living in the country.... these melt in your mouth donuts.

So if you live near a Krispy Kreme stop by on June 1st and have one for me for free!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Madeline

5 years ago today we welcome Madeline into our lives. Little sweetie had some problems at birth and had a hard start at life but she showed her spunk and strong will and quickly recovered.

 We had no idea the little joy that was going to enter our lives. A family of 4 now with 5.

 Always smiling and full of joy!
 Such a sweet little face. I love to see her learn new things.
 She is my child who will walk slowly taking everything in. She's aware of everything and very full of questions.
Today on your 5th birthday I see you as a little girl. You start school next year. How can this be?

I love you so very much!

You are the middle sister and a lot is going on around you.

Your always there to cheer your big sister and big brother on. You love your baby sister Caroline so much. She turns to you for guidance always coping your moves.

Happy Birthday Mitty Girl!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Call me old fashion

I took this photo straight out of my 15 year old daughters Seventeen magazine.
Did I buy it? Yes.

Did I read it first? No.

I only found out because of my open and honest relationship with my daughter. She brought the magazine to me saying "see this is why my friends are on the pill".
Here's a quote
"Birth control methods are like jeans: You may need to try a few on before finding a perfect fit. These girls love theirs!"
What? Are you kidding me comparing birth control to jeans.

Look at the other headline "Sex will be better if you use it"
The target audience for this magazine is 13 to 18.
This is not ok with me a mother of 3 girls.

New research is showing that taking the "pill" for long periods can destroy fertility. All I can say is SCARY!!!
Are you going to teach her morals or is Seventeen magazine?

I didn't know this article was in the magazine. The cover looks great with makeup tips and all about The Hunger Games.

Hidden inside is a message to our very impressionable young girls, it's ok to be promiscuous and you can get the pill without your parents knowing. What's next a guide to abortion?
I was reminded once again today, we have to be aware and downright snoopy when it's come to our children.
There are many wolves in sheep's clothing easily luring our children into making poor decisions.
We have been in trusted with these children and we are to teach them the moral compass.
My biggest advice after getting pregnant at 19 is talk to your daughter. Don't be naive, they know more than you think. The internet is littered with filth your children can easily see. Music videos, TV shows... the list goes on and on.
 She will listen all you have to do is have a relationship where you can discuss sex openly and honestly.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Special Day

Yesterday was a special day for our son.

He has been preparing this year for his first Holy Communion.
 In our faith it's a very special day to celebrate.

We even got a family photo all together and smiling!
Yes, my teenager is much taller than me.
I'm so proud of family.

William is finishing up his 2nd grade year and has grown up way too fast.
He's so handsome and has a very kind heart.

I have to share something that happened this year at school:

I received an email from a mom thanking me for raising a good son. As parents we usually hear the bad and seldom hear the good behavior things.

A little boy was harrasing this sweet little girl in class. She was very upset daily so much so the mother had to say prayers with her each day to help her (heart- breaking).

One day this boy was calling her names and my son went over and told him to leave her alone and stood up for her. Then my son went and told the teacher.

When she got home she told her mom that William stood up to him and it made her feel much better and realized it was going to be ok and she was able to shrug it off.

When I read it I cried with joy, my son is actually listening to what we are teaching him! This email was much better than hitting a homerun at a baseball game. This is true character!

I am so very proud of this sweet boy! Please slow down growing up, I'm not ready.

Friday, May 4, 2012

1/2 off Starbucks

This is a great savings for Starbucks! I love the mocha or vanilla Frappuccino now I can pick them up for half off.

I'll be ditching Sonic for Starbucks today!