Monday, August 24, 2009

Menu Monday- First Day of School

Today is the big day for my little guy! He is officially a school kid!!! Now we have one in 7th grade and one in Kindergarten. I am looking forward to having my little 2 year old to myself at home.

My sweet friend Jenny stopped by my house yesterday and brought me these yummy muffins to help with my kindergarten anxiety! Thank you for being so thoughtful!!
First day of school lunch..Wills Fave's: Peanut Butter Sandwich, a bag of Nacho Doritos, packet of gummy fruit snacks and a Capri Sun.

So elementary moms can you give me some ideas of what else I can send?

Dinner Time This Week:

Monday: Make your own pizza!

Tuesday: Lazy Evening Frozen Meals (got some great deals at Kroger a couple weeks ago)

Wednesday: Bean and Cheese Nacho's

Thursday: Baked Potato Skins - love these!

  1. Bake potato's (about 10 medium to small size) at 375 for an hour

  2. Hollow potato's out with a spoon- put the insides in another dish to save for mashed potato's

  3. Spray potato's skins with cooking spray (I use EVOO spray)

  4. Sprinkle the outside with salt, Sprinkle the inside with garlic salt, pepper and any other special seasonings you have . I add Cajun seasoning.

  5. Bake for 15ish minutes at 425 till crispy

  6. Remove and top with shredded cheddar cheese and bacon bits (I use Oscar Meyer Real Bacon Bits)

  7. Bake for a couple more minutes then enjoy!

  8. Eat with sour cream, ketchup or my absolute favorite ranch dressing!

Now I am understanding why I have high cholesterol...

Friday: Honestly I have no idea!! I was a poor planner this week. I chose complete comfort foods since my little baby boy is starting school. I figured I would wash away my sadness in yummy foods.

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N. said...

I bet Will's excited!

All Eli wants to take is a peanut butter sandwich, goldfish, a swiss cake roll and water. I'm going to eat with him on Friday and have him eat a school lunch to see how that goes!

Give me an update later!

Heidi said...

My boys love to take fruit roll-ups, chocolate pudding cups, applesauce cups,granola bars, cheese and club crackers and of course the pb&j's.

FalkFamily said...

My boys love "wraps". You take tortillas, spread with cream cheese and put a couple slices of turkey on it and roll it up.

Good luck today - we are going to kindergarten assessment this morning and there are a lot of tears :)

about me said...

I usually send a gogurt with his lunch. I am also a fan of the goldfish, granola bars, ritz crackers (they have single serving size packs now), my son is not a huge fan of lunch meat so someimes to mix it up, instead of pb and J, I will send in a bagel with cream cheese, or cheese and crackers.

Jennifer said...

My son likes "pizza sticks." I thread cheese cubes and pepperoni slices onto toothpicks. During holidays last year I bought and saved plastic decorative ones, so next month he'll have leaf toothpicks, in October he'll have pumpkins, etc. If I can just get my hubby to quit throwing them away. ;0) Anyway, that's something my 6 year old really likes. He also like PB&J wraps, using tortilla shells. And of course, applesauce, pudding, cereal bars . . . all the goodies!

Mrs. Curlee said...

My girls like chicken nuggets. I cook them in my little toaster oven the morning of school and then wrap them in foil to keep them somewhat warm. I send ketchup packets (I guess I found the reason I save them!). A cool trick with GoGurt is to freeze it and then put it in the lunch box frozen; by lunch time it is thawed and yummy! I also send them "roll-ups". It is string cheese rolled up with ham or turkey. One thing I always do is pack the lunch the night before so I can have a somewhat calm morning. Thanks so much for your site. I refer to it often and love the tips and savings you have.

Rebecca said...

with the insulated lunch bags (plus a little foil)it's easy to keep things warm. you could do pizza or bagel bites (fielder loves these!), turkey, spinach and cheese roll-ups (pin-wheels), bean burrito, chicken nuggets, diced up fruit in yougurt to make a fruit salad, veggie straws (kids love them - i et them at costco but i think they're in most groceries....taste just like potato chips!, ants on a log (celery sticks with pb and raisins on top), quesadillas (sneak in some cooked diced vegggies inside)

Christi said...

My monkeys love to take hard-boiled eggs, gogurt, handi-snacks, deli-meat rolled and secured with a pretzel stick, string cheese, gold fish, fruit snacks, grapes, and even cuties (those tiny little oranges)!