Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baby Countdown and Football Games

I've neglected this poor blog. I've got pictures to prove I've been busy.

 Our son Will has had an incredible first season of football. He made his first touchdown last week. I jumped up and down like a crazy Texas football mom.
People probably thought I was going to give birth right there at the stadium. Thankfully no ambulance was needed.
 Our oldest daughter is captain of her drill team.
She's doing great and we are so proud to see her out on the field at the high school football games.
We live in a small town and football is king around here.
Our team has won state the last 3 years in a row. 
That means they are bigger than the Dallas Cowboys around these parts.
 We took a family trip to the circus and I got in front of the camera for one shot.
Can you believe this is one of the only pregnant photos I have of myself.
Speaking of pregnancy. I'm now 30 weeks and everything is going great!
I had one little blip with my glucose test and it requiring the nasty 3 hour test. My wonderful husband spent the time with me in the lab and we had a little day time date. He made it much better.
I do look like a vampire bit my arm but other than that I'm great.
Last pregnancy some of you might remember I went into pre-term labor at 26 weeks and had many problems. No such problems this time. Yeah!!!
Did I tell you we picked a name? Her name is Juliana!
I've officially started monogramming this for this sweet little girl.
I have my babies at 36 weeks so we are 6 weeks away...... oh my!