Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wally World Steppin It Up!

Growing kids = never ending clothing supply! My little miss is almost always in need of more clothing.

Target is my store of choice. Inexpensive cute clothes.. most of the time. Not quite sure what their buyers are doing right now but I am not digging the fall clothing. However they do have FABULOUS kids shoe's for the fall.

This lead me to check out the clothing at Wally World, yes good ole Wal-mart. I found several really cute top and legging sets for $8.

This is an outfit I would expect to see at Target, love it! Wal-mart is stepping it up in their kids clothing section. Remember this cute dress I bought and embellished from Wal-mart?

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Heather said...

So cute!! I have to go to Walmart later and I think I am going to take a trip through their clothing isle! Thanks!! Target usually does have cute stuff, but I am not seeing it either right now.

Jenny said...

LOVE IT!! Those shoes really are awesome..i wish i would have gotten them in every size:)