Monday, August 8, 2011

Choosing Paint Colors High Ceilings

We are very excited to be closing on our new house in the country on Friday. As you can see it's not really a country style.

Here in Texas we seem to plop down a southern style home out in the middle of no where. We bought the house because of the land it's on. I'm going to turn this into a cozy home.

It's so different from our current home. Currently we have 8 ft ceilings this one has 20 feet in the main areas.

This is the formal living room and entry. I LOVE the chunky moldings.

They just need some paint to pop! I also think a darker color will bring the ceilings down for a warmer feel. Here's a few from the other side.
We have some major work to do. My goal bring this 90's gem to 2011!

First order of business paint.
(Yes, I'm getting rid of the brassy lights. Except for the crystal chandelier turns out it's a Schonbek)

Our painters start the same day we close.

This is what we're doing to the entry ceiling to show off the barrel vault.

This is an inspiration photo from a model home on how we can warm up the spaces with a good neutral color.

Major anxiety over paint colors. I've NEVER had such high ceilings I don't know how to judge a good color. I tend to go darker but this time around I don't want to live in a cave.

I've got the paint narrowed down to Sherwin Williams Nomadic Desert. Anyone use that color?

Busy times ahead!

We're having the whole house painted (walls and ceilings).

Hardwood floors refinished and re-stained darker.

New carpet installed.

All in 2 weeks!!

Yes it's going to be crazy busy, especially since I'll be driving the kids an hour to school.

We can't move in until all the work is finished.

Wish me luck!


Nicole said...

Great house! Not at all what I expected.

Aimee said...

I think the darker ceiling would look good. Good luck with everything!!!

Noelle said...

Hey Jen,

My sis is an interior designer and has worked at the Sherman William store in SA..she could give you some pointers on color. Do you want her #?

Noelle said...

Send me a message on FB if ya do!! Love the house! :o)

Anonymous said...

I ran across your blog searching for Sherwin Williams paint colors. Our house is painted in Nomadic Desert and we have 20 feet ceilings as well. We get lots of compliments!! I love the color. My neighbor painted hers the Kilim Beige and after seeing mine...I think she wished she would have gone darker!