Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday's Tip

Who put all the clothes on my son's bed??? It was me of course... showing off my latest frugal purchase. It is basically a complete wardrobe for only ..... $20!!! How did I do it? Craig's List! This batch of clothes consists of name brand clothes... Old Navy, Polo, Levi's etc. I got some size 5 clothing and size 6 for next year. Will was very excited to get all his new clothes out he especially liked the Old Navy one with a dinosaur on it.

Here is a link to Craig's List for my Dallas/ Ft. Worth or find your local Craig's List.

Do you use Craig's List? If so what is the best thing you have sold our bought. My answer we sold my Lexus RX 300 in 1 day


Trina said...

I have GOT to get with Craigslist. I have things in my garage that HAVE to go.

emilypfaff said...

We sold our computer armoire, radio flyer wagon and most recently I sold a pair of James Avery earrings I never wore anymore. I am currently trying to sell some Stampin' Up stamp sets.They are barely used and 1/2 price if anyone is interested!

The Royal Family said...

nice purchase!