Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

No more last minute runs to the store for birthday or occasion cards..... be prepared! Create a binder with cards ready to sign plus the goodies to make your own. Here is my binder....

I visit the "Boutique Custom Card Shop's" they almost always have a clearance box. These hold individual blank invitation paper (see the photo above) I find the pretty paper and make my own occasion cards. I just sign and write a personal message. I get comments like "where did you find this beautiful paper". It is personal and inexpensive. I get most of my paper for 10 cents each including the envelope. Dallas/ Ft. Worth readers my favorites are Paper Capers in Arlington and R.S.V.P in Colleyville.

I also buy holiday cards on clearance after the holiday and put in my card binder. I used large zip plastic bags no expensive storage bags.

Clearance scrapbook items
also come in handy to make your own cards for those craft frugal girls!

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Anonymous said...

I love to cut up cards I have received and use the pictures or words for making gift tags or other cards. It is not only frugal but also a great way to be more "green." Ginnie