Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

With Kate out of school for an ice day it was a great opportunity to go kitchen shopping.. once the ice melted. So we headed out to look for tile for the back splash, cook top and a sink.

Will: Mom do you like this one?
Oh my.... this is it!!! Can you install this tomorrow. Oh yeah no... my husband and his friend are installing it for me we are saving money. Look at this can you believe each
tile is only 39 cents!!
Look at this door it is amazing just like I've always wanted I can see our family in front of it for a Christmas card. Oh yeah... this door is as much as my whole kitchen updating. I need to get focused.

Ok I think I am on sink overload... this is at the builders surplus honestly the prices are a little better than Lowe's but not by much.

So at the end of the day, I have picked out my tile for the back splash I am doing slate. I thought it would be more expensive then the ceramic tile but it isn't. I am excited. I went to a builders appliance store I checked the scratch and dents for the cooktop the cheapest one was $500 so not a great deal, I passed. I am planning to get my sink at Lowe's. Hopefully they will send some coupons out soon. So next step is getting Lowe's out for the counter top measurement.

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Angela said...

I am a Lowe's pro! We have been remodeling our house for the past year. When I have to just buy a couple of things, I use my $10 off Lowe's coupons...When I have several big things, I use the 10% off coupon. My husband said he never thought about doing that...oh yes if we are spending over $100 the 10% is the way to go. I have the deep sink from Lowe's that does not have a center divider in white. I love how I can fit my cookie sheets into it...but it does have a few scratches in it (it was not supposed to do that) I never ever go to Lowe's without my coupon!

Trina said...

I love that tile! We need to install a backslash in my kitchen, and a garbage disposal.

Lindsay said...

Wow!!! Will is soooo cute!!! :)
Enjoy your kitchen makeover and I agree, I'm absolutely in love with that door!!!

Jackie said...

LOVE the door! My friend just put that exact one on her new house...I can only imagine how much that cost!

DomesticDivasFancy said...

Okay...just found your blog, and I LOVE IT! Just started to follow!