Friday, January 23, 2009

Get your own Mommy Money!

I found a great idea from a reader who is also another frugal blogger. Read all about her great idea to reward the kids and do it frugally. I enjoyed her idea so much I am going to try this with my kids. So here is my mommy money. My Best Friend Adrien is a master with photoshop, so she made me mommy money. Don't worry she also edited the wording so it is not counterfeit money!

How can you get your own mommy money? Adrien will put your photo on mommy money and send you the PDF file so you can print your own at home for $2. Your $2 will go towards Averys Lil Angel Caps.

Here is a special message from her:
Avery's Lil Angel Caps are hand made crocheted hats. They are made in honor of our son Avery Davis Maroney that was born on July 6, 2007 and passed away July 6, 2007. By donating to his cause, you will be providing the materials to make one cap for a baby in need. We hold dear the cap that was made for our son and wanted to pass on a cherished memory for mothers out there that have lost their precious child.

Please feel free to post this offer on your blog. Many of us read similar blogs about families loosing children. This is so close to my heart, Adrien is an inspiration and a wonderful friend. I am so proud of her, what kindness in making these beautiful caps for these little angels and their parents.


Alicia said...

I LOVE it!!!! What a great idea! This is such a great way to teach our kiddos some responsibility.

Lindsay said...

I must have read that same blog! I think this is such a wonderful idea! :)

Jackie @ Save a Dime in '09 said...

Jen! Yours look great...much better than my copy/paste junk! Wow! Might have to get your friend to re-do mine, huh?

The MOM Boutique is open tomorrow around here and let me tell you, it's not looking too good. My little people do not have much money...much was taken away this week (and lots of tears in the process). I think when I'm open for business tomorrow I'll have two girls with lots of remorse for being mean to one another this past week.

Michelle said...

I loved that idea too and plan to implement when my kids get a bit older.