Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kitchen Dilema

If you've been ready for a while you know how much I want granite counter tops and a kitchen remodel. Well the time is close and hubby and I are talking about it and budgeting. I've become so frugal that I don't know if I want to spend that much anymore..... I've been dreaming about this fabulous kitchen idea for so long and now that it is close I am suddenly becoming cheap. I think about all the other projects we could do with that money ....

Patio Furniture like this(bought off season or at furniture liquidators)and:

A bathroom remodel like this (new tile in shower and floor, I redo cabinets, discount mirrors) and:

Build-In's and a Flat Screen (Hubby and grandfather make built-ins and find rock bottom priced flat screen) like this and:
A dream closet like this (purchase the Lowe's system and hubby puts together):

Or my dream kitchen like this(New counter tops, backsplash, stove, dishwasher, vent hood, sink and knobs, I redo the cabinets myself):

Any ideas my frugal friends? Of course I get everything at rock bottom prices with my discount shopping . Hubby is also the master negotiator and handy man. So we spend a ton less than many people. Rule #1 we only pay cash no charging that is why it is hard because we don't charge and pay later.


Jackie said...

I would say do the kitchen. You and your husband sound a lot like my husband and I. I'm frugal and a good painter, he's handy as all get out and we are both pretty practical. We redid our kitchen and it's truly the heart of our home.

We also wanted granite, but settled for formica that looks like granite (we did a black with mingled browns) with rolled edges that make it look more "real". We used old-fashioned ceiling tiles for a backspash (which we bought at Home Dept. and installed ourselves). We tiled our floor ourselves. We bought stainless appliances at a Sears scratch and dent for rock bottom prices. All in all, we love it and saved thousands doing it ourselves. My dad and hubby installed the counters...we only paid like $700 for them (and our kitchen is really pretty big)...for a large center island (seats 4 with stove in middle) and L-shaped counter against the wall.

Frugal Jen said...

Jackie, I would love to see photos of your kitchen redo. email me at

Lindsay said...

When you say you're thinking of redoing your cabinets yourself do you mean sanding/painting them?
Could you possible settle for something in the middle and still do one of your other projects?

My husband and I redid our kitchen when we bought our house last spring - we ended up going with what they call 'high definition laminate'. My dad is a designer/the manager of the Kitchen Dept of our local Home Depot and he said this was the new thing. We bought middle range cabinets and stainless appliances and it really transformed the whole thing! :)

Alicia said...

I vote for the kitchen. I love to have a nice, cozy kitchen, as that is where everything seems to happen in our house! We are in the process too. I'm lucky though, since my father in law built our house, I have a super cheap contractor! And we just got our frig at over a $500 dollar discount because it had 2 small dents! Go for the kitchen girl!

emilypfaff said...

So have you made a decision? As a real estate agent I say go for the kitchen, it will give you the best bang for you buck come time to sell.