Friday, January 30, 2009

Freebie Friday

I interrupt the regular scheduled post to make an announcement..... I went Krogering!!! I did it and I loved it I only spent $11.23 on all these goodies the bill was $32.89 before my coupons and savings card. We were so excited Frugal Dude (Will's new bloggy nickname) and I had to take a photo to show our finds. Yes.... we are a Texas Longhorn family. This is only a small portion of my weekly groceries tomorrow we will be back at Wallyworld.
Now back to the regular post.....

Free Diet Dr. Pepper - I love this stuff. Funny Medical Tip: If you having a little trouble going, drink one and problem solved. Natural quick laxative. Really try it why do you think they call it DR. Pepper?

Free Flush the Internal Fat- Sorry I had t post this after the Dr. Pepper medical tip. LOL!

Free Quaker Mini Delights- I got my free sample this week they are sooo good. I am ordering a second sample. They are diet friendly.

Free Always Infinity Pad- OK.. anyone else wonder about the name, Infinity means to go on forever. This has me interested in a sample. They claim ground breaking and innovative. Really..... it's just a pad.

Free Gardener's Idea Book- Sounds fun spring is around the corner. After our ice storm this week I like to think about spring. Only thing about Gardening.... I don't have a green thumb :(

Funny Crazy Freebie of the week: America's Best Car Commercials DVD... really it is all yours no need to DVR the shows just watch the annoying commercials.


Marianne Thomas said...

Great job, Jen!

Marianne @ The New Frugal Mom

The Royal Family said...

thanks for the list. FEllow frualtarian here. See you around.

Trina said...

I love that your little man was into the grocery thing. Awesome!

McMommy said...

Frugal Jen....even though you are Longhorns...I love ya anyway!! What a fabu blog!!

The wife of an Aggie


Molly said...

$11.23?! Well here I am all super impressed!!

Oh my goodness...don't tell me you call Wal-Mart Wallyworld! My family calls it that and we are forever perplexing our friends - hilarious!