Friday, January 23, 2009

Freebie Friday

The freebie list is a little shorter this week, but there are some good ones! Enjoy!

Free Crest Whitestrips sample- I've been waiting for a freebie of these. Now maybe I will have whiter teeth :)

Get a free sample of Kid Essentials drink- maybe my picky eater will drink this.

Free 4 pack of organic apple juice for kids! Really! - this is liquid gold for the kids. You already know Pace salsa is my liquid gold. Remember their contest is still going on. I've already won 2 free jars of salsa.

Chocolate Turtle Chex Mix Sample- this sounds good. I hope it is better than their turtle granola bar. Let's give it a try, it is free!

Halo Hair Product- this is a hairdresser sample, a good one!


Michelle said...

Hi - I've been meaning to comment for awhile. My husband met you a few weeks ago while knocking doors and he brought home your card. I love your blog! Thanks for the great ideas. I actually won a jar of salsa last night.

emilypfaff said...

I haven't won a jar and I try everyday. Seriously I have the worst luck :)