Sunday, February 20, 2011

Name That Baby

These two little girls are so sweet. They each just melt my heart.

My friend Ashlee made these very cute shirts for the girls. Remember the cute no sew shirts she made when Madeline was little?
Now I have a little game, pick out the baby photo. These two look very similar at the same age. I have a photo below both of them at 6 months.

Name that baby photo:
Madeline is the (3 year old) or Caroline (6 months)
Baby Photo A: Which Baby? Photo B: Which Baby?

I know my in real life friends will pick it out fast!


Momma Jac said...

First photo: Caroline
Second photo: Madeline

That was a tough one!

Infatuated with Homes and Gardens said...

i think A)Caroline and B) Madeline, they are so cute:)

Following HIM said...

1st photo: Caroline
2nd photo: Madeline

Precious girls!!

Laura said...

Wow, they look so much alike! They are so adorable, so it's a good thing!

Gauger Family said...

Your girls are just darling! Those cheeks are to die for!

Jenny said...

I'm going with a is mad and b is Caroline!...they look so much alike.....

Alicia said...

A = Madeline
B = Caroline

They are so cute!