Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boys + Jeans = Holes Quick

Boys will be boys! Mine is no exception he plays dirty and crawls around on his knees.
Blue jeans are his choice most days. So after about a month this is what I'm seeing when I do laundry..... Holes in his knees!
Here's a quick fix that helps prolong their life...
Iron the patches on to the inside of the jeans and make sure you put a piece of paper or wax paper between the legs.

Then iron them on and viola the jeans can go maybe another month.
Blue Jeans to buy and not to buy:
These brands seem to last longer without holes (in my experience)
  • Gymboree
  • Gap
  • Levi's
  • Crazy 8 (a Gymboree company)

These brands have never lasted me more than a month..... maybe even 2 weeks:

  • Target in store brand
  • Wal-mart in store brand
  • Khol's in store brand
  • Carters

The top brand will run you more money upfront but if they last for at least 3 months then you save money because if you bought the cheaper thinner one's you would have bought 3 pairs.

Gymboree and Gap run great sales. At the end of season I usually stock up on a size up for the next season.

To make the jeans last even longer... iron on the patch to the inside of the jeans when you first purchase them.


Maxwell's said...

I absolutely agree with you about the jeans to buy/not to buy. I will NEVER buy carters again...old navy is on my list too. I think if you just look at the mthey get holes!

Nicole said...

Oh, I remember those days! Thankfully they are mostly over (except for Brynne .. big surprise!) I always had a steady supply of those patches and used them in exactly that way. At least with a girl you can iron on some cute flower patches or something.

Camily said...

This is hilarious. I could have written this exact post! My son is almost 7 and his jeans have holes all the time! I discovered the patch trick (ironing on when first purchased) about 2 years ago. And I completely agree about the Walmart/Target jeans. I also think Levis last longer. We love Crazy 8 jeans!!!! They are our favorites!

Crazy Me said...

My son get holes in his wranglers all the time but did discover that it takes a lot longer for him to get holes in his Old Navy jeans, the new ones though, I think they changed over how they make them because he still had an old pair and his new pair and you could feel the differnce in the thickness of the jeans.

MELANIE said...

I've got a boy that puts holes in his jeans at my house!! Somehow he hasn't to any of his current ones...BUT knock on wood because we still have jean-wearing weather for a while! It's always his left knee... :)

Boys Jeans said...

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