Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Iced In and Cozy

We were hit with some bad winter weather. It reminded me of one of my favorite doomsday movies The Day After Tomorrow ... the part where New York is flooded by the wave then a few hours later it all turns to ice. Well that's what happened on a much smaller scale in my area. We had strong thunderstorms, freezing rain, sleet and snow all within a few hours.

I think maybe Mr. Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys Owner) has some bad karma because the Super Bowl is close by and all kinds of activities and tourist activities are being effected by the ice storm. Plus it's 10 degrees and it hasn't been this cold in 15 or so years. The roads are like ice rinks.

Tomorrow we will be on day #3 of no school and home bound. We're going to sleep late, hang out, stay in our PJ's and enjoy this time together. After all how often am I forced to stay at home with no plans?

Look at my 2 little girls. What sweet sisters. I have a feeling they will be partners in crime around here. I see it now.... the two little one's running around with princess dresses and light sabers chasing Will.

Since I'm snowed in I've caught up on some online shopping. I'm still loving Zulily. I bought the girls Easter dresses today. I'm dreaming of warm weather and flowers.

Something else I've been dreaming about......
Isn't this the most wonderful backyard play area? Too bad it's only $8K.

Of course, we're looking at one on a much smaller scale. I remember the days of playing outside for hours during the summer. I think it's a lost past time. That's where children become creative and have just plain ole' fun!
When summer time comes we will put the Wii on vacation for some nice outside activities.


Infatuated with Homes and Gardens said...

I would love for the whole family to be snowed in ,watching old movies eating comfort foods :) But you always wish for what you can't have.
Stay Warm!

Amy said...

Okay - word to the wise. We bought a cheap playground at Academy and it's falling apart after one year. This is our second set. So I've spent about $3000 all in all on cheap playgrounds (with installation, because we just ain't that handy!!) I could have bought a Rainbow system for that and it would still be standing. Yes, $8k is A LOT of money, but don't go too cheap. You're going to need it for at least 8 years. I wish we had just bought a nice one in the first place.

ps - that store is awesome and totally sucks you in fast. I was planning in my head how to get one, and Joe was like "step back sister - not gonna happen!!"

Frugal Jen said...

Amy,that's great advice. I keep telling my husband we need to do it right and not go cheap. They told me they have a big sale in March. I will keep watching and waiting.

Aimee said...

I am really enjoying being iced in! I needed a break!