Friday, February 18, 2011

It's back.... Freebie Friday

My computer time when the kids nap or in the evening is going great! I'm finding more time to be productive instead of being sucked into the computer and thinking of all the things I need to do to the house, or online shopping!

Let me share some great freebies:

Free Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice - Just select like on FB and get a sample.

Free Atkins Diet Kit and 3 Free Bars- Just in time for swimsuit season!

Free Beech-nut Toddler Snack Kit- Love free baby food... well Caroline loves it.

Free Cheeze-It's - Choose your favorite cheeze it flavor then request a free sample from the pop up on FB.

Free Maggi Chicken Base for Soup -An easy start to some home made chicken noodle soup.

Free Parent's Choice Formula Samples - This is a great way to try a new formula. Our Pedi said that the store brand formulas are just as good as the brand names.


Nicole said...

I used Parents' Choice with both of my younger two. And they are smarties!:)

SuzSpeaks said...

Thanks for the leads! Have a good weekend!