Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Middle Aged Baby Body

Over the last week I've been experiencing some heavy pressure and I was getting paranoid about something being wrong. I called the Dr first thing yesterday and took it easy until my appointment. You see when I was pregnant with Madeline I was on and off bed rest several times.

I am a bit of a hypochondriac just ask my husband. I was for sure I was dilated and all worst case scenario just plain negative.

Once I got to the Dr I felt better just waiting to know and check. Thank you God everything is fine! So what's the pressure? Well I've had 5 pregnancies and my middle aged (ha ha) body isn't as strong as it used to be.

So I was sent off told no more jumping around at the gym and heavy lifting. That aggravates things and makes it worse. One more thing, a belly band. I found one in my lucky maternity bin and surprisingly I put it on and it's like magic it helps hold my growing tummy and takes away the pressure.

So after a scare and panic everything is OK.

So have any of you moms to multipe kids had this problem? Seriously I am thinking how Michelle Dugger does it after 19 kids?


Beth said...

I'm glad to hear everything is OK. You take it easy Mama!

Nicole said...

These 30 something bodies just don't do pregnancy as well as our 20 something bodies did, huh? My problem with my last two was pulling the round ligament in my stomach early in my pregnancy where I could do no lifting or exercising of any kind during it. I'd have to go to bed with an ice pack down my pants every single night. Fun times!

Murry Mayhem said...

Glad you & baby are fine! Are you still using Dr. Daum?

Carrie said...

Happy to hear you and baby are well (and you are SO not middle-aged!!!).

Jenny said...

Dude...I am young and master P nearly killed me. I guess he was my 5th pregnancy too and by the last trimester I rarely made it off the couch mostly because I thought he would drop out if I stood! Let me know what I can do to help! I can make some yummy casseroles to have on hand...just let me know when to drop them by!

Melanie said...

Honey, I am with on Michelle Duggar. I don't know how her body can do it.

I met her in Washington DC last June. They were on vacation as were we and I went and introduced myself and talked to her. She is so sweet. Just the same as she is on tv.

Good luck with the pregnancy. You're doing good.