Friday, April 30, 2010

Love.... Little Girl Shoes

I don't consider myself a shoe girl. But, when it comes to little girl shoe's it's a whole different story. I LOVE fancy little girl shoes!!! My Little Miss loves shoes. So I do what most parents do... indulge. Hey, fancy shoes spruce up any little inexpensive dress or outfit.

Aren't these the cutest little girl shoes! I was browsing Ella Bella yesterday and came across their large sale section and found these beautiful shoes for only $15. They are normally $30. We love the wee squeak brands. However these do not squeak which is what I wanted. I am over the squeaks, Madeline's a bit big for that.

$15 is a great price for this quality. I just spent the same price for some sandal's at Target for my little miss.

Check them out if you live near Southlake.

Little Preview: I found the BEST garage sale find this morning! I got an outdoor wicker patio set for $30. WOW! It just needs a coat of spray paint and some new cushions. I can't wait to show it off next week.

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