Monday, April 26, 2010

Big Girl Bed and Menu Monday

The big girl twin bed has arrived! The first night we had no falls. Last night poor girl slipped out of bed 2 times. Thinking the silk sheets are to blame.

Yesterday I painted her chandelier mural. She picked the color.... surprise pink! I've got a ton more to do. This is the only part of the room put together. I think I am going to hang a rod and drapes around the bed. What do you think? If so what color? This was her nursery in her old room. Loved it!

This is the mess left behind. I primed the flowers and was able to touch up the paint with the old yellow color. It's the junk room until her new room is finished. Soon it will be baby's room.

Speaking of baby... this morning is our big 22 week sonogram! As of right now we aren't going to find out.

On to some food:
Monday: Quesadilla's with leftover fajita fixins from Sunday dinner.
Tuesday: Frozen Pizza Night
Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner
Thursday: Freezer Purge Buffet
Friday: Grill Burgers


Anonymous said...

My vote is for white drapes around the bed, maybe sheer tulle even. Great work so far!

Beth said...

I love the new big girl bed! I remember putting Madison in her big girl bed for the first night and was so paronid of her falling out. It only happened a few times ;)

Murry Mayhem said...

It looks great Jen! I love the idea of drapes!

Melanie said...

I love the bed and I am so proud of you for painting the chandelier.

Jenny said...

AWESOME!! Love the mural..beautiful!!

jayayceeblog said...

The chandelier mural is awesome ... she's a lucky girl to have such a talented mom! I'd go sage green on the drapes around the bed.