Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Donations Anyone???

This post is kind of a rant but also my opinion.

It seems that everywhere I turn I've got someone asking for something. Don't get me wrong I am generous and consider myself a Christian. I seek to do things for others and on many occasions help out my friends in need (which I enjoy). That's not what I am talking about.

Specifically I mean the endless fundraisers for schools, sports teams, neighbors selling, friends selling goods, people asking you on the street.... money just out the door.

Sometimes it seems enough is enough!

So my question to you is... how do you politely say "thanks but no thanks"?

Whew, I feel better that's off my chest.


Rebecca said...

i always get straight to the point by saying, "sorry, we can't right now." or "we've already donated what we can to other organizations." you can't do it all! and you certainly don't need to justify your reasoning.

Murry Mayhem said...

I'm with Rebecca! Usually I just simply say that between Caroline and my nephews I've done all I am going to do. Most people respect that and don't complain or give me nasty looks. The only other times I "buy" are if it happens to be something I really would like to get or if it is for a charity I support. Then, if I've already done a lot of donating, I just give 5 bucks. And I don't really care what anyone thinks about it. I would rather be able to help family and friends first, and sometimes I've been known to say just that.

Right now, Caroline is in competition cheer. They are doing a fundraiser right that I don't agree with. They are sending out letters to people asking you to sponsor a child. What?!?!? These aren't homeless girls, they aren't girls who live in third world countries. I refuse to send out letters to ask for friends and family to pay for her to do this activity!!! If they can't afford it, then don't get it in! That may sound cold, but we shifted things around because this is something Caroline really wanted to do. It wasn't just something we could add to our monthly bills without blinking an eye. It's equal to a small car payment each month for her to do this, so we looked at our budget and cut back on other items like entertainment, and shopping so that she could do what she loves, but I will not ask for money for this when there are so many other needy organizations with valid needs out there.

**down off my soapbox now!!**

I guess I needed to vent to! LOL!!!

Heidi said...

I'm so with you on this one! My sister-in-law had kids in Catholic school and she was always hitting us up for expensive gift wrap and food for her kids to be in activities. We had three kids of our own on with one income. She and her husband were double income and could afford to do for her own kids. I really like Rebecca's response.

Melanie said...

Sometimes I just give a small donation, sometimes I buy, and sometimes I just say no thank you.

Katie said...

That happens to me when I go to the store, and the kids are outside waiting for donations and if I gave a dollar everytime i saw them they would have more money than me! I try to seek out the places I want to give money too and tehn politly say "not today, sorry" when I get asked

jayayceeblog said...

We used to own a gift shop and I would get requests daily to donate for fundraisers. We did donate a lot for the community, but I finally found it easier to just say We've already hit our donation maximum for the year and my CPA will kill me if I donate one more penny.

Lindsay said...

Oh Jen! I've been dealing with the same thing lately. Thanks for this - I never know what to say and I'm loving the responses!