Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garage Sale

We are having a big garage sale tomorrow and Saturday. I cannot wait to have all the stuff out of the house so I can get busy on redoing some rooms. We live on the edge... we are debating just getting rid of our bedroom furniture. Which would mean matress on the floor until we find our "dream" set. Knowing me I would find something next week. I am going for the hotel relaxing feel.

If you are a garage sale shopper in the area email me and I can give you our address our neighborhood is having a sale and one of those big fancy neighborhoods down the street is also have a sale I can tell you about that one too. I hope to take a break from ours to head to some sales.

Next week..... Madeline's big girl room will take shape!! I plan to have her completely moved in by next Friday.


Shelly C. said...

I live in the Fort Worth area and would like to know where the garage sale is going on this weekend. Thanks!

Murry Mayhem said...

Girl, aren't you supposed to be taking it a little slower? LOL! I hope you find some good "finds"! And I can't wait to see the big girl room!

Jennifer said...

We are having our first garage sell since we have had our girls (weve only had one since we have been married and it was not that great)and I have no clue how to price kids clothes, toys, stuffed animals and things or anything else for that matter. Any suggestions?? Need Help!!

Frugal Jen said...

Pricing for kids items at garage sales usually are pretty low. Clothing $1-$2, toys $1-5 range, we have our stuffed animals $1 each.

When I go to sales that price everything too high they don't sell as much. Biggest tip is price everything clearly.

I will do a post on hosting a garage sale, thanks for the idea!

Beth said...

Good luck on your sale. I hope you get to sneak away for a few minutes and go find some treasures in the fancy neighborhod's sale.

steelebjm said...

Dangit, why aren't you in Arizona?! The garage sales around here are so, so pitiful.

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for the info Jen. It so hard to think of pricing all those barely or never warn items for a $1 but I know it won't sell if we mark it what I really want to sell it for :o) We live in the Dallas area as well and with the rain we have had this weekend....I'm hoping your sale was still a success!! Thanks again