Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thrifty Thursday- More Spray Painting

My bathroom door knob is holding up so well I decided to do another one. Now the hall closet door looks great with the new paint. I used the oil rubbed bronze spray paint it gives it a great look. I was afraid it would look spray painted it doesn't it looks just like the one we bought.

Speaking of things I've spray painted. I spray painted all the door pulls in the kitchen and bathrooms from gold to black. They have lasted great for 2 years. I didn't prime them so the one's I use everyday have chipped a little but they have this distressed look.

See all my knobs spray painted black:

See the knobs all gold.... um also the house looks a lot different. Wow, we've done a lot in 2 years. When I get discouraged about wanting more things for the house I need to just take a look at this photo.

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Aimee said...

I spray painted the cheap silver bathroom light fixture that came with our house. Now its bronze and looks really nice! I love spray paint!

April said...

Wow the kitchen looks great! I have thought about spraying or nobe rubbed bronze.

ASHLEY said...

They look great....I have a question. I am thinking about painting my gold knobs also, should I paint the hinges too?