Monday, May 4, 2009

Menu Monday- Splurge Menu

I did something bad, in frugal minds. I went to the grocery store with a minimal list and only 1 coupon. I thought I would decide what was for dinner while I was at the store. So I did it and spent almost $200! Ouch!

I can hear the shock "But how can you call yourself Frugal Jen??" Well we all need to splurge every once in a while. Honestly I was tired of coupons and cheap meals so I went crazy. So let me share what is for dinner this week:

Monday: Taco's -
  • I bought the uncooked tortillas in the cold section. You cook them on a pan and they taste just like restaurant tortilla's. So yum! Ahem they were $3 for a pack.
  • I also loaded up on avocado's for homemade quac.
  • Splurge #3, Pace salsas new black bean and corn salsa $4

Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Tender Sandwiches

  • Tyson Buffalo Chicken Tenders $7
  • Wheat bread deli big rolls $3.50ish
  • Checkers Restaurant French Fries$4

Wednesday: Chicken and Rice (My daughter Kate's Fave)

  • Rotisserie chicken all shredded up $5
  • Rice (Instant Name Brand) and crm of chicken, chicken broth neither store brand total $5
  • Frozen Corn on the Cob's $3

Thursday: Spaghetti and Meatballs

  • Prego Marinara Sauce $2
  • Frozen Packaged Meatballs Bag $6
  • Already had some spaghetti noodles
  • Hot Dog buns for garlic sticks (This is frugal) Take the buns apart, butter and top with garlic salt and bake. So yum! $1

Friday: Already Made Pizza

  • Red Barron Frozen Pizza in Pepperoni and another in Cheese $11 for both

What else did I spend all that money on? Saturday night we had burgers and tator tots. Sunday we had chicken pot pie and apple crisp for dessert topped with ice cream.

Well... candles, diet drinks, air fresheners, wine, diet bars, LOVE the Luna bars in Peppermint Chocolate Stick, and snack foods (the name brand one's). I am also making cupcakes and rice crispy treats this week.

Next week me might be eating mac and cheese and beans since I blew my budget. For more menus check out

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FalkFamily said...

I am totally going to use the hot dog bun garlic sticks this week. Cream of Chicken soup is another thing you CANNOT use a store brand for anyway, so you have a free pass in my book :)

p.s. My latest Luna fave is the lemon zest one. Love them!

Debbie said...

Sometimes we all spend more than we would want to. Thanks for stopping by my blog, come again anytime. Debbie

Jenny said...

you know sometimes we all need name brand chicken stock:) I was thinking tacos tonight too...great idea. I LOVE those at home good!! And guac would be an added bonus...I think a trip to the store is in order!

Connie said...

Your meals sound great this week and every once in a while it's okay to splurge. I also think that hot dog buns make great garlic bread. Enjoying your blog and wishing I had more frugal tendencies. I'm trying to learn!! Connie