Sunday, May 17, 2009

Frugal Fabulous Party!

Little Miss had a wonderful 2nd Birthday Party! Now let me share how we made it frugal and fabulous....

#1 I bought all the paper good and decorations at the Dollar Tree, where everything was really $1.

#2 I had a friend Adrien, custom make her birthday invitation in a 5 X 7 photo size then had them printed at winkflash for about 20 cents each.

#3 We had the party at our house! No rental fee's and we have a lot of toys. We planed to have my friend Aimee bring their bounce house but it was raining ;(

#4 We served lunch, hot dogs, flower sandwiches, fruit, chips and kid snacks.

#5 I baked the cake and cupcakes myself. We've done many expensive bakery cakes that cost $50 + and really all people care about is eating the cake! Look little miss enjoyed her cupcake. Thanks Jenny at Bella Bowz for the custom bows to match her dress that Auntie Adrien made!

Here is a photo of the cake I made. I borrowed the flower cake pan from my friend Ashlee and added M &M's to make the flower details. I love the way the chandelier in the kitchen turned out with the girly stuff!

#6 Good old fashion fun... playing outside. Since it was raining we were not able to do all the activities we had planned. The kids did play in the sandbox, swing, color, blow bubbles, and chalk on the patio.

#7 We make a DVD slide show of the last year and show it at the party. This is a special tradition. It is my way of scrap booking for my kids.

#8 Perfect party favors! I found these cute flower purses at the Dollar Tree. I filled with bubbles, a sucker and a flower plastic cookie cutter. They also served as decorations lining the stairway.

I have more photos on my family blog! My friend Ashlee also has some great photos posted. Thanks Ashlee for letting me use some of your photos! I am hoping my friend Jenny posts some photos (hint hint). Her husband Rick was busy taking photos!

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Jenny said...

I will promise...however I think I might be in labor so it might be a few days:)

McMommy said...

That party didn't look frugal at looked FABULOUS indeed!! Nice work on such a fun & pretty party...and definitely bonus points for the frugal part! I loved the flower cake...and m&m decorations were genius!

Aimee said...

All of the flower stuff was so cute. I can't believe you got it at the dollar store! Claire LOVED the purse party favor! We had a great time...maybe next year it won't be raining and we can set up the bounce house:)

Lindsay said...

Aww very nice! Looks like a great party!!! I love your cupcake holder! Do you remember where you got it? I've been on the hunt for one! :)

April said...

Sooooo Cute!!!!!

Trina said...

Just adorable! I really liked the party favor idea, it went great with your theme!