Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wasteless Wednesday

Oh how I love the smell of candles... I always have some scent glowing in my house. Candles relax me during my hectic day with the kids.

We go through candles very fast so I tried something new... I purchased small votive candles and put them in a candle jar that I had already used up. Then I put them together on my candle warmer. It worked great!

The votive candles are so much cheaper than the large one's and all I really want is the smell and the candle warmer also eliminates the burning and the fire that attracts the kids to investigate. My oldest once burnt her hair blowing out a candle.

My favorite scents are vanilla, coffee, and cake smells. You see the theme .... food!


Trina said...

I don't have a candle warmer, but this sounds like a great idea!

DomesticDivasFancy said...

I am a candle freak. I am suprised that I havent caught my hair on fire. I have a candle warmer and I love it. No worries with it and you can just leave it on and the scent is always there.