Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesdays Tip

Work with what you've got... that has been a longtime mantra of mine. We purchased a home about 2 years ago that we consider a fixer upper. The house was still in 1990 the year it was built. So over the last 2 years we have brought it up 19 years. We are still working on it...

This is the photo after my mini makeover in our master bathroom. What did I do?
  • Bought the iron chandelier in Canton for $24
  • Put up IKEA roman shades $20 ($10 each)
  • Re textured the walls with leftover drywall compound from kitchen texturing FREE
  • Repainted with leftover paint from the master bedroom. FREE
  • Bought a few accessories from IKEA $20
  • So for less than $75 I made over my bathroom!
This is our master bathroom before my mini makeover. What a difference pure white lightbulbs make for the lighting and changing the wall color, oh and.... opening the windows. My next project in the bathroom is to paint the cabinets with a dark gel stain. Look for those photos to come in the next month or so.

We do hope to completely gut the bathroom in the future. We have this dream bath envisioned but right now we are working with what we've got!


Griffith Family said...

It is amazing what good taste can get you! Nice job. Very simple and tasteful. Looking forward to seeing what the cabinets look like. We had a bathroom from the 80's- complete with country wallpaper and rose colored walls. We stripped and painted the cabinets cream, the walls a tan color, took down the bizarre light box with no real function and installed canned lights. We didn't spend a lot of money, but did do a lot of laboring. Amazing what a little simplicity can do.

Lisa said...

Very nice! It looks great and so much more relaxing.

Rebecca said...

great job jennifer! it looks beautiful.