Friday, February 6, 2009

Freebie Friday

Announcing the Freebie BellaBowz Giveaway!

And the winner is .......... Emily Pfaff!!!

Now on to Freebie Friday:
Napoleon Perdis Lip Gloss ($25 value)- if you join the Gloss Posse (remember use your freebie email) they mail you a coupon then you take to ULTA and redeem. When I signed up it said it would take 7 days to mail voucher. I love free makeup!

Emergen C Sample- Linsey from AZ, this one's for you! Just click on the free sample bubble.

Total Cranberry Crunch- we love Total cereal and cranberry crunch sounds great! I like to make easy granola bars with total cereal instead of rice crispies. Yummy!

Free energy supplement- they claim the worlds best energy protein supplement. Well I need energy so hurry and send fast!

Benefiber- free sample of their "on the go" products. Do you know their website has a recipe for Benefiber Corn and Black Bean Salsa?? Really? Wouldn't your guests be pleased they can increase their digestive health with your dip.

Metamucil- it appears we have a theme going for the samples. The new year, new you for your health. Don't worry by March we will be having samples of grease filled snacks and alcohol.

Glade Air Freshener Gift Pack- this offer is for the first 10,000 entries. Hurry and sign up. FYI about me... I change my Glade Plug-In's with the seasons, For Winter- the Cinnamon Apple, Spring- French Vanilla, Summer- Tropical (Orange pack) Fall- Vanilla again. I love glade plug-ins!

Free Jack in the Box Curly Fries- OK I am going out on a limb with this. I write this post yesterday Thursday and the link was not up yet. It is supposed to appear today and you print a coupon and redeem on Feb 10th (my anniversary how sweet). If it is not up and working tomorrow then this will not appear.

Funny Freebie's of the week-

Free Black Cloud Decal..... no there is more this is an ammunition company the slogan "Drop Ducks Like Rain" .... yeah that would be really cute on my mommy van. If you want this offer you probably would like the 2 free issue's to knife world too!

Free Sample of XyliMelts- Suffering from dry mouth? This melt will last up to 6 hours. OK... I am visualizing this one


Suzanne said...

what is the freebie email?

The Maxsons said...

HOw special I felt seeing my name in your post! I feel like almost famous! HA! JUST today I was seeing how low I was on my emergen c, so a free one will be appreciated! (they are expensive, and I can't find coupons for them... costco used to sell it but can't find it there anymore!) Love your site Jen! I'm on it every day!
Love ya!