Monday, February 9, 2009

Menu Monday

We had a wonderful weekend out of town with family. Lots of yummy meals lots of calories now back home and back to our schedule!

Monday: Brisket (Sadlers Brand) Baked Tator Tots (Frozen Wal-mart brand) with Stubbs BBQ Sauce (the best sauce just like a smokehouse)

Tuesday: Leftover Brisket (Salad for Jen)

Wednesday: Baked Buffalo Chicken Tenders, Mashed Potato's and Corn

Thursday: Bacon Cheeseburgers and French Fries (Grilled Chicken for Jen)

Friday: Out to eat for Valentine's Day and our Anniversary! PF Changs, yum!

I've mentioned in previous post that I am dieting you might wonder.... how with this menu. well I eat a small portions and almost everything I make is baked so tator tots are not fried and burgers are grilled and I get the 90% lean meat. I try to still enjoy eating and being healthy. Really it isn't a diet just a way of life and still enjoying my meals.

What's your favorite meal you are planning this week?


Lindsay said...

Hi Jen!
Great menu this week!!!
I hate to admit it but we're going to start dieting too - well, as dieting as we can get. ;) I'm on the lookout for some lower cal meals so let me know if you come across anything good! :)

Feel like I've been out of the loop for awhile, how are you?

N. said...

If you ever visit my blog you see that I'm "dieting" also. I use Weight Watchers to keep me healthy. That with exercise and I'm good to go. I, too, just cook as "fat free" as possible, without losing the taste for my family, and watch my portions. That's what I love about Weight Watchers .. no deprivation! I get to eat what everybody else eats! And I put so many more fruits and vegetables into my diet that I normally woudn't. It's awesome! My daughter is mortified that I'm on a "diet", because I'm pretty thin already. I just like the way it makes me feel (and it eliminates any muffin top I might have.)

Have a great day, Jen! Where's your Rudd Party of 5 blog??


Suzanne said...

I'm kind of like you... I'm just watching my portions and stopping before i'm full...

I made hobo dinners last night! SO yummy! I'm going to post them.