Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wasteless Wednesday - It's Cold!

Burr it's cold here in North Central Texas. Normally winter consists of a few day below freezing not weeks! Tonight we are getting yet another Arctic front bringing the temps at night down to 12 degrees.

This is NOT Texas weather.

Let's talk about how to stay warm without an outrageous electric bill. Here are some things we've done:
  • Closed all our blinds and drapes
  • Bought a small space heater for my oldest daughters room. Her room doesn't warm easily. Now it stays toasty without us blasting the heat.
  • Lower the thermostat to 66 degrees upstairs with the bedrooms. Then put an extra blanket on the beds.
  • Turn the down stairs heat to 64 at night.
  • Fire, Fire and more fire in the evenings. I LOVE a nice warm fire.

So any of you Northerners got any more tips for us warm weather folks hit with a harsh winter?


Tabi said...

I have been begging the hubby for a heating you think this weather is enough for me to get one?!? I can't believe how cold it feels and thursday is suppose to be 15 degrees during the day with gusty wind!! I plan to hibernate inside!

Sarah said...

Fires are great! You might want to turn on the heating system fan when you have a fire though, otherwise the rooms farther away from the fireplace won't get as cozy warm.

Carol said...

I have an electric blanket and I love it! I also keep the doggie door closed in the winter, our dogs don't want to spend time outside when it's cold so that keeps the draft from coming in. I lower my furnace to 60 at 7pm and turn it up to 65 at 9am. I just wear a hoodie a lot, I'm cold all the time anyway, and so far the family hasn't complained!

Lindsay said...

Heated mattress pad, fleece sheets (not flannel, fleece!) You can buy them at kohls.... slankets/snuggies and fuzzy socks!