Friday, January 8, 2010

Bland Menu Anyone?

If you read my menu Monday posts. You know how much I love spicy foods, especially tex-mex.

Well, pregnancy is NOT agreeing with that menu.

I recall this same feeling with the other pregnancies.

I am craving steamed veggies and rolls. This is so not me! I even had a piece of leftover cake today and wanted to throw up.

I am also craving chicken spaghetti a mild version. Anyone have any good recipes?

Please let me know. I am making my grocery list and menu for next week and I am stuck.


melissa said...

I hope I crave steamed veggies!! :)

Nicole said...

I have a chicken spaghetti recipe, but I'll have to find it. It uses Italian dressing. Will that sit well with your stomach?

Dina said...

I have not craved vegetables at all! Bring on the cake and mexican food!

Camily said...

Oh my! Isn't it funny what pregnancy does? With my second, I couldn't stand the sight (or thought) of meat. I ate pimento cheese sandwiches, peanut butter and bean burritos for 9 months! I haven't had a pimento cheese sandwich since!
Good luck with the blands . . .but what a reason to eat veggies!

Melanie said...

Pioneer Woman has a good recipe on her blog. You could cut out the green peppers. That is what I do since my family doesn't like them. Go check out her recipe and see if you think you would like it.

Heather said...

Oh girl, I hate that things are setting well with you, especially since you love them! I have no ideas on what to make since I was never able to eat for many months with so much sickness!! Hope things are going well girl!!