Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wasteless Wednesday - It's Potty Time!

** Photo by apmDesign Photography**
Thought wasteless Wednesday was a good time to announce......

My little miss is officially in potty training mode.
She actually decided this all on her own.

Let me share.....
The other day I put her down for a nap like usual.
Quiet than I hear some noise and her talking to herself.
Then I hear "poopy".
When I go upstairs I see she has tried to change her own diaper. She's even got the dirty wipes to show. Too bad she put them in the clothes hamper.
I've officially potty trained 2 other children so I hope to this goes well. I was putting it off until after Christmas and closer to her 3rd birthday.

After learning with my first daughter, little girls have to explore every bathroom when out and about. Then they really have to go at the dirty one's.

So potty training it is!

My plan:
  • I'm not taking it too seriously at first. We will try to "go" a couple times a day and she will start with pull ups.
  • We will purchase a pee-pee doll to have her potty train.
  • I plan to wait until after Christmas to have potty bootcamp at home for a few days. We will only do big girl panties and lots of sippy cups of water. Fingers crossed she can wait.
  • After that I will officially save $50 a month on diapers!!!
Do you have any potty training secrets? Please share!


FalkFamily said...

No tips - we did the same. But . . .CONGRATS!!

Camily said...

We did it the same way, too, and made a big deal about going to buy big girl panties!
And--the skirt is PRECIOUS!! Did you make it?? Where did you get it?? Have to know!

Jennifer said...

Naked bottoms. Of course, my first two trained in the summer... But I had my daughter wear dresses w/ nothing underneath. Something about feeling something there, anything, made her feel safe about peeing wherever she was. Nothing there, nothing to pee in! Good luck!

Aimee said...


My only advice is let them take the lead and don't force it...learned that the hard way! Oh, and bribing them with a trip to Disneyland works really well! :)

I tagged you on my blog today.

Griffith Family said...

We used a chart and stickers. Worked beautifully when she was ready. Had a few false starts but when it was time, it was. Congrats!

Heidi said...

I agree with Jennifer. Just let her go commando for a week and then go have her pick out some pretty pink underwear. This only works though when you can stay home. Good luck with the p.t.! Oh and that skirt is adorable!

triplehmoms said...

I found you through my sister's blog and I have gotten some tips for your blog. THANKS! I potty trained my youngest daughter this summer. We did no clothes, only panties. I gave her lots to drink and set a timer to put her on the potty regularly. She is not a verbal child and so I taught her the sign for "toilet" and we made the sign every time she went. If I put a pull up on her, she would stop asking to go. She uses a diaper at night or if she seems really tired during a nap, but otherwise is done. So nice!