Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mommy Love

Sorry today isn't a frugal post. It's a little about me. I know I have a family blog but I felt like most of you bloggers out there could relate.

My friend Aimee tagged me to answer 5 experiences that helped shape me into the mom I am today. So here I go..

1. I got pregnant when I was 19 and a freshman in college. Faced with my options I choose life for my daughter and gave birth to my oldest daughter Katelyn. My parents were very supportive and I lived with them and finished college where I met my now husband Josh. Who later adopted Katelyn.

2. My mother is an incredible women. She is very giving, loving and kind. I learned from the best! Although she has more patience than I do. Still working on that.

3. After having my 2nd child Will. I decided to leave the rat race and become a stay at home mother. I've never looked back! However I do miss the extra pay check and not so frugal lifestyle.

4. Trying for baby #3 we had a miscarriage. A whole new world of loss and heartbreak opened up to me. I never considered that a pregnancy could end in loss for me. There are so many women who have lost babies. Wonderful women I know have opened up their hearts to me and have become close friends because of this bond we have.

5. I found by trial and error no mom is perfect. No matter how hard I try to be super mom you can't do everything. I've learned to say "no" to take on more responsibility when I am already overwhelmed. This has empowered me to be a better mother.

All you moms out there give yourself a big pat on your back!

Sorry I am not going to tag 5 more moms because I know so many more I would like hear about. So I am asking you to do a post on your blog... if you feel like it. Leave a comment and tell me you did it. I want to read about all you moms out there.

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Tabi said...

Oh I love this one and I am going to do it and I think my answers will very much be like yours!