Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Procrastination Project... DONE!

I've been talking and thinking about recovering my dining room cushions for .... well years. I finally did it!

Take a look, nice clean cushions. The kids haven't had at them yet.

When we first got them they were nice and white and clean.

Well that didn't last for long once we actually started using the dining room for Sunday night dinners.

The chairs became stained then I tried to clean them and they looked worse.

I found some fabric at Garden Ridge or (Garbage Ridge according to Will). They now have fabric remnants for $5.99.
I got 3 yards total in my fabric bolt all for $5.99 total!
Here is one chair recovered and the before.

So glad it's done. Now I just need some nice wood floors in the dining room....


Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

They look great! The color you chose warms up the room. I’ve seen the pile of fabric at GR, seems like they change their inventory often because every time I see new fabric. I really need to redo my dining room chairs as well. Our table is dark brown and the chairs are covered in dark brown fabric……all too dark. I want something fun and funky to liven the room up a bit.

Rebecca said...

looks great!

Kendra said...

I did that recently! I used outdoor fabric because it's water proof, spill proof, dirt proof, and easy to clean. Yours look good! Just put in that wood floor and you're done, huh?

Trina said...

Awesome! I need to check our store to see if they have starting carrying remnants too.