Monday, November 23, 2009

Menu Monday- It's Thanksgiving Time!

Who else can't wait for all the food on Thanksgiving Day? What is your favorite food item? Mine is my mom's broccoli cheese rice casserole. A great southern dish.

I am so excited!!! We have both sides of the family here in town so we have a big day of family, food and fun. Oh yeah.... and stuffed bellies. Should I pull out my old maternity pants? I will need them after this week. I don't know what I was thinking when I meal planned I have big meals this week.

Here is my menu:

Monday: Grilled Chicken, corn and mashed potato's. This is a big meal for a Monday night. Last night we had BBQ for our family night so our big meal was pushed forward. Plus it's a nice warm day to grill. Gotta love Texas weather.

Make your own Nachos. I put out all the fixings and each person makes their own. We have these toppings: leftover grilled chicken, ground beef with taco seasoning, lettuce, cheese, guacamole, jalapenos, diced peppers, black beans and sour cream.

Leftover nacho stuff. I will probably throw the ground beef, peppers and black beans in some mac and cheese and call it Tex-Mex Mac. The kids love this.

Thursday: Thanksgiving! I make Great Aunt Mary Ann's Pumpkin Pie/ Cheesecake recipe. This is my 2nd year making it. She passed away and before she was sick shared her secret recipe. We sure miss her smiling face. Sorry this is one recipe I keep in the family. She protected it for years.

Friday: Leftovers, the best part!
We put up the Christmas tree, eat leftovers and bake sugar cookies. An annual family tradition.


FalkFamily said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jen!

Nicole said...

Hoping you all have some nice family time together!! :)

Vancouver real estate said...

Hi. Sounds like very well prepared Thanksgiving week. I'm traditionalist too and in our family we are used to have the same dishes every year. After fabulous turkey of my wife there is the pumpkin pie. I can't imagine Thanksgiving without these meals and of course my favorite cranberry sauce. I'm just little bit sad that the Thanksgiving in Canada and U.S. is not in the same day.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Jamie said...

happy thanksgiving! will you share your broc rice casserole recipe?