Monday, September 14, 2009

Menuless Monday

This is how I feel... whatever, I am not listening....
Last week we received my daughters schedule for all her after school activities. How in the world does everything fall into the same days? We are completely 100% overbooked. Something has to give and I hope it's not my sanity!!! Any tips from you seasoned over committed moms?

Monday: Sandwiches in the car on the way to dance from tennis competition... can someone invent a car meal replicator with organic food? HA!

Tuesday: Thinking Wendy's somehow as I am picking my husband up from the airport and also magically taking my daughter to dance at the same time. I HAVE NO IDEA!!

Wednesday: Do we really have to eat? Another day of events. Think we are fasting until Thursday.

Thursday: Finally a meal at home!! We are going to celebrate and Cheese Ravioli and Meat Sauce with garlic bread.

Friday: One kid gone but the rest of us will eat Pizza at home and watch a movie.

Seriously my friends. I don't know how I am going to get through this. I am a very planned and organized person. I HATE eating meals on the go. I refuse to turn to fast food everyday. I can't do it! HELP I think I am drowning......

Hey the positive is... if I am not eating I will lose those extra 5 pounds fast. Too bad the kids have to eat.

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Tabi said...

The only thing I can say is that I started preparing foods in advance to take with us. Fruits that can be put in containers, healthy snacks, salads. During our busy times we do end up eating alot of sandwhichs and crockpot meals that I can stick on and leave but have food when we get back! I also have found all the fast food places that have a select few healthy things and always remember which ones so if we have to do that, we can still not be eating total junk!

I hope things slow down soon so your sanity stays in tack!

Nicole said...

It's time to fix things early in the day for eating in the car. Get those "tupperware" dishes at Walmart that are divided into two sections so each person has a "plate" in the car. One day make wraps and have grapes in the other side of the container. Another day, make chicken strips during the day and serve with apple slices. You can do it! Don't give in to the drive-through temptation! Plan ahead, do it during the day, and pack it up so it's ready when you hit the car.

Aimee said...

I'm having the same issue 2-3 days a week. I'm trying really hard to plan meals in advance and I'm thinking about getting a crockpot. Good luck!

Teresa... said...

Tortilla wraps are a good "replacement" for sandwiches. They can choose their filling, slap in a tortilla and roll. Why can't kids get an immunization against needing food daily!! :) A supper supplement pill or something. Of course only to use on those busy evenings! ;)

Caro's Thrifty Adventures said...

Well, you're lucky, yknow! Cause at least you know your schedule in advance, so you can somewhat "plan", LOL!

I have 3 kids that play hockey. 15yo ds, 10yo ds, 8yo dd. Yes, even my daughter.

We know their GAMES in advance: we'll soon have their schedule for the whole season.

But the PRACTICES?! We get the weekly schedule on Thursdays. The schedule for the weekend, 2 days later! We often have 2 practices each in a week, plus 2 games each. And that's not counting tournaments outside the city, championship at the end of the season, and if we're lucky, provincials! ARGH!!! And people wonder why I look forward to Mondays?!

Jennifer said...

Make friends and pawn a kid off to someone else! (Not implying that you don't have friends, just that you might not know the other moms yet in the new activity...) We are currently in soccer which goes from 5:30-6:30. Could there be a worse time for a family that eats at 6pm and starts bedtime at 7pm? I've started making things ahead of time and letting the kids eat out of ziploc/gladware type containers in the car.

I've cooked a double box of mac and cheese (so it lasts for more than one meal), big batch of pasta salad, rice casseroles...(I'm going for foods that stick together a bit so there's less of a chance that it will get loose in my car!). Tortilla wraps are good too! We do turkey/cream cheese/lettuce/canned cranberry, pb/banana, nutella/fruit... And then we keep chewy granola bars from costco around for on the way home.

Good luck!

Rebecca said...

hey girl,
i'd encourage you to not be overbooked. i know it's hard, but if you're anything like me - overcommitment=stress. and stress=bad wife and mommy! :) you're totally right about something having to give....try to re-evaluate your priorities and keep the meals together at home whenever possible.
that being said, for the nights that you have to eat in a hurry, just opt for the fast food places that have fruit or salad as side items instead of fries.
hang in there! simplify! :)

Lynda said...

I have one word....CROCKPOT! Everyone laughs at me and says that I cook in it all the time. With Zowey's 6 day a week dance schedule --that is the only way I can make it!