Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Keepin It Real - Frugal Jen

I've been reading some blogs for a while and I've found out that not everyone is as truthful as they seem. I want to take a day to tell you a little about me. I am just Jen... no fakeness just real.

As a mom of 3 I try my best to save money and live a frugal lifestyle. Why???

I am a stay at home mom so we live off one income. I do have a Marketing degree but I gave up the rat race to be at home with my kids. My husband has a great job and works in the financial services industry. So yes, we save a lot and believe in the cash system. If you can't pay for it now then don't buy it.

Yes, I admit I do get jealous of friends who make the same amount of money but live it up. Credit card debt.. none of that here. But sometimes.... I wish I could sneak in the safe and get the card and go crazy!

We have a modest home in a nice suburb town. Sometimes... well a lot I wish I had a huge brand new home like many of my friends. Yes, I am admitting my faults.

Keepin it real....

We take vacations every summer. Yes, we went to Europe this summer but it is part of my husbands compensation package. But... we pay taxes... a lot of taxes for the trip. Kinda of like we get a 40% off coupon.

I purchase lots of home goods and accessories at Kirkland's, Hobby Lobby and during the spring and summer... garage sales! You already know I love to spray paint things!

I pay an outrageous amount (in frugal terms) for my family gym membership but it has replaced mothers day out for my children.

Sometimes when I am at the garage sales I end up at someones house from the expensive gym.. I pull my hat down and put on my sunglasses. Darn it... everyone recognizes my little girl in the squeaky shoes.

We all try to dress nice. No, being frugal doesn't mean we look like we shop at good will. I find accessories like chunky necklaces spice up a $8 Target top. My favorite splurge shop is white house / black market.

I recently splurged on new eyeglasses. I spent $350 for coach frames. Yes I thought I might get my frugal card taken. However it was HSA eligible! Check them out in the photo... simply fabulous but not frugal fabulous.

I haven't always been frugal. In college my parents paid for my credit card bill and let's just say I thought I was a big baller (umm I just had to look up how to spell baller)!

I did own a Lexus SUV but I bought it 1 year old. I now roll in a mommy van with toddler hand prints on the windows.

Just keepin it real here....

Now you keep it real and tell me a little about you!

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Lindsay said...

That was great Jen!!! I love the glasses!!! :)

FalkFamily said...

I love it - you rock girl. It's nice to see someone be real. Be honest about your life - no pretenses. It is so hard sometimes to make those tough decisions (need vs. want) and you do a fab job (and inspire me to be creative within my means)!

Lo said...

LOVE it! I admire the sacrifices you've made to do what's best for your family and what works for you :)

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Way to keep it real! I’ll admit, there has been a time or two when I wanted to talk about something on my blog but didn’t want to put a sour taste in my reader’s mouths. My house is a mess, I don’t have it all together, and I was lying on the kitchen floor last night crying about the attack that happened last Sunday (I talked about it on my blog). I know that sounds a little crazy but I think it helped....I feel much better today. Humm is that too honest?
I love the new glasses. They were worth the splurge! I just get some new glasses myself. The frames are black and chunky. Not sure why but when I’m wear a t-shirt and jeans they make me feel stylish.

Carly Engibous said...

Love your candor and willingness to share. Great post.

(I found you from the Drama Mama).

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for keeping it real! It is refreshing. BTW LOVE THE GLASSES!

Jenny said...

I love you:) You rock! And you know me..i'm frugal so my kids can be fabulous:) and i could and am trying to be more frugal otherwise im just jenny:)( must be said with jazz hands like 'just jack' from will and grace)

Play soon? Maybe Milla will come too:)

glam R baby said...

REally do love THIS Jen! You have inspired me to do a Keepin' it Real blog....Thanks for being so honest and upfront...Look for mine next!!


Ms Perfect said...

Such a relief! I loved your post. Let me keep it real: We bought our house as a foreclosure and its adorable...I do wish I could hit lotto so I could have a bedroom sized closet!

Trina said...

Awesome, I strive to keep my blog real too. Sometimes we all just want to showcase our best side ya know? lol

I might just do a post on this :) Thanks for the inspiration.

SuzSpeaks said...

I love this post! I really like your glasses too!!!