Monday, September 28, 2009

Menu Monday

Our meals on the go were a big hit last week! The kids enjoyed their own meal containers. They were more excited about these meals than driving through McDonald's.

Monday- to-go-meals in the car. Chicken tenders (big Tyson bag) and chips.

Tuesday- Grilled Burgers (getting hubby to cook)

Wednesday- Sadler's Brisket, Tator Tots and Steamed Veggies (we didn't eat it last week)

Thursday- Take out pizza from Little Cesar's only $5 each! They have replaced my wal-mart frozen pizza's.

Friday- My parents are watching the kids so Josh and I get some dinner together!

Doing my best to provide fast and somewhat healthy meals. I've got some great crock-pot recipes but my mind lapsed when I made my grocery list and went to the store.

Guess what they are building an Aldi (spelling?) in my town. I have NO idea what it is other than a grocery store. I just see tons of deals on other frugal blogs. Any more info ladies?

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Nicole said...

Love, love, love Aldi! I buy everything I can there before I hit Walmart! I save tons. And, the store brands (even chips) are really good. The kids think the cheese puffs and chocolate chip cookies are better than name brand. I also buy all my produce there. My freezer is currently full of pints of frozen blueberries I bought this summer there for $1.29 a pint! The only thing I do no like is the frozen bags of chicken breasts. Only about a $1 a bag cheaper, but I think they just taste funny.

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

The meals on the go are an AWESOME idea. Too bad for me you actually have to plan ahead for something like that to work! I'm going to REALLY try to sit down and do a 2 week menu tonight. Also, I left you a little shout out on my blog!

kottagekara said...

I just found you site and I love it! I also live in TX. To give you a hint where I am a frugal girl in a fancy girl town...haha near DFW. I dont' want you to give away you exact town but I am dying to know where the Aldi's is being built??