Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Free Chipotle!

Oh my how I love Chipotle! I get the veggie burrito. Let me share my heavenly meal: black beans, rice, corn salsa, cheese, lettuce a little sour cream and guacamole on the side. I crave this ALL the time.

Let me tell you I haven't been in months. Why, because my kids complain. But now I don't care if they complain because on Sunday's they are FREE!

Fingers crossed they will get the Chipotle fever like mommy!

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Griffith Family said...

We love Chipolte too and my very picky children actually enjoy it as well. This is fabulous! Thanks for the tip!

Aimee said...

We've never been there before...we just might have to try it now!

Blondie said...

Girl, I just had Chipotle for lunch today. MmmMMM!

Here's what I get in my burrito bowl:

Chicken, rice, black beans, onions, hot and mild and corn salsa, sour cream, guac and lettuce.

THEN I get a bag of chips and eat the burrito bowl with my chips! YUM!!

I'll have to get this coupon and go on a Sunday now (even though my kids are 24, 22, 17, and 15).


Dina said...

I'll go to chipotle with you anytime! I love it and my husband doesn't, so I could use a chipotle partner.