Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vegas Vacation

Hubby and I are heading out to Vegas this weekend with some friends from Colorado. I am sooooo excited. A whole 4 days with adult conversation, spa treatments, sightseeing and people watching!!

I am not lucky so I don't gamble. I would rather spend my money at the spa relaxing then give it away.

Looking for a couples getaway? Lots of great deals to Vegas. We are staying at the Bellagio check yahoo travel for great deals.

We got 2 first class tickets for less than $100 thanks to my husband's many American Airlines miles! Sign up for an airlines reward programs to earn free tickets. This is saving us about $1,000 dollars!! Whew hoo!

The next week I will be on a bloggy break getting ready for vacation then being gone in Vegas. Next Wednesday I should have lots of photos and tips.

If anyone has any tips for Vegas shoot them my way!

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melissa said...

Most Vegas flights give you a coupon book when you exit the plane. There are so many great deals in there!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I just enjoyed going into the hotels and seeing how they are decorated. I loved the real, live lions at the MGM. :)

Charles Higgins said...

Hi Jen:
Check my publication site. There's lots of frugal Vegas approaches in there. Enjoy your trip!

Charles Higgins

As You Wish said...

My best tip for you would be to wear comfy shoes in Vegas because you'll do a lot of walking. For some reason, everything looks much closer there than it actually is. If you get a chance, see a show while you are there. Cirque Du Soleil is completely unlike anything you've seen before and unforgettable.