Monday, June 8, 2009

Menu Monday

Let me tell you I needed some R&R with the family. I got a much needed dose this weekend. We visited some friends at their fabulous lake house. Let me share a few pictures.

Me and Little Miss taking a walk Kate and Will playing with the dog. Will told us playing outside like this was better than a Wii.

This is the view down at the lake looking up toward their home. Absolutely beautiful. We sat down on the hill and just gazed up at the tree filled sky. Completely beautiful! Remember we have NO big tress in our yard at home.

So back to reality and the home front. Our hostess fed us so well all weekend that I was sad to leave that wonderful southern home cooking.
Monday: Toastato's topped with beans, cheese, grilled chicken, lettuce, sour cream and salsa
Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Fast grab meals. Kate is having her dance recital this evening so quick easy meals. Most likely sandwiches and chips.
Thursday: Sadler's BBQ Brisket and Baked Potato's
Friday: Date night! The kids are staying with my parents so we get a night out! I am thinking mexican food and a movie.

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Aimee said...

Love the pics! It looks just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful house! My mom and step dad have a lake house and I swear, it's like we are in a different world when we go there, and it's only down towards Corsicana, not even that far away!!
That is so sweet what Will said about his outside playing being more fun that playing Wii. It's a shame that kids these days don't/can't play outside all the time like we did when we were kids. That comment he said just goes to show that it's a different world our kids are growing up in...with all the video games, TV, strangers lurking around waiting for you to take your eyes off your kids...they just can't be kids like we were and it's very sad.