Monday, June 15, 2009

Menu Monday

A month ago I dreamed of lazy days by the pool a nice tan and a cool glass of lemonade (crystal light of course).

My summer in NO way resembles that dream. Instead I am running to the gym, sheltering the kids from the rain, cleaning the house than cleaning it again, telling the kids to stop arguing, sending the kids to their rooms... my list could go on and on.

This week looks about the same way, very busy. Kate starts tennis and dance camp plus we are heading to the Great Wolf Lodge for a staycation then the Jonas Brothers Concert at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. Whew.... I am exhausted thinking about it.

Dinner? We have time to eat sure we do.

Monday: Make Your Own Nacho's, I make a little topping bar and we load them up the way we want.

Tuesday: Deli made pizza from Wal-mart, these are great priced and so good!

Wednesday: Stuffed Enchiladas (in the form of enchiladas instead of layered)making an extra batch to take to my friend Jenny who had a baby last week.

Thursday: Leftovers pantry clean out

Friday: We head to Great Wolf Lodge for a weekend of real summer fun. Swimming, relaxing and eating!

Saturday: Great Wolf Lodge by day and Jonas Brothers Concert by night!

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N. said...

Great Wolf is so fun! We went to the Dallas one last summer. I'll e-mail you my tips so it doesn't cost you a fortune! Nicole

Jenny said...

Yay! So excited to try the enchiladas!! Also..Rick said he'd chaperon the concert if you didn't feel up to it:)

glam R baby said...

HOW FUN...what a great weekend you have planned!! Look for Jessie James...she will be MC'ing the concert and performing her new song, "Wanted". I used to nanny for her when she was 11...she's 21 now!! HAVE A BLAST!! XOXO