Thursday, December 3, 2009

Serious Mall Sales!

I usually don't hit the mall for clothing. Target is my good friend. Yesterday we ventured to the mall for Christmas attire for the kids.

I was SHOCKED to see cute children's dresses at Nordstrom for $15. Real designer stuff normally priced at $50. They had great deals in all areas. Lelli Kelli shoes for $39 normally $70 (although they were out of Madeline's size).

Then we headed to Gymboree, another big sale. Almost everything was 40% plus they take an additional 20% off. I had another 15% coupon. That made the stuff the same price as Target, bonus it's higher quality and holds up better over time.

Another stop Macy's. I got Will a nice heavy Nike jacket for $15 originally priced $85. (it snowed here today) WOW! Then we found a great shirt for Kate for $4 then we used the extra 25% off coupon.

Head out to the mall.... tomorrow! Check out the incredible deals. I plan to go back without the kids for some Christmas gifts.


Nicole said...

I'm going next Tuesday morning BY MYSELF! I can't wait!

FalkFamily said...

Oh my gosh! Lelli Kelly's??? I have to head to Nordstrom!

Jenny said...

OOH Bella's closet has some Lelli's in M's size at the bargain price of free:) How is that incentive for coming over! Pick a time lady!

Melanie said...

I am not a mall person either but I had to take my son there about a week ago and there were some good deals. You hit the jackpot.