Monday, December 28, 2009

Rust Paint Effect

My friend Nicole gave me this beautiful "R" as a gift. I've had an itch to try a new paint technique. Rust. Here is the final product. Here it is displayed on the mantle next to the family picture.
I started with a brown. The R started out as gold.
I did lots of layers of acrylic colors. I would dry brush on and wipe off with paper towels. Sometimes blotting the towel to create a weathered look.
Here are all the colors I used.
See the shiny gold R in the right bottom corner. That is the before.
I am going to be trying this technique out on a wall at my friend Brandi's photography studio.
I can't wait!
I am participating in Metamorphosis Monday


Nicole said...

Very cool! Glad you did that to it. It looks great!

Tabi said...

Great job!! said...

great job! thanks for the "how to's"
Happy New Year!

Mimi said...

Oh, I like it, I like it!

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

This looks great! It really does have that patina to it.