Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Card Decorating

As I was reading McMommy's Blog today I was inspired to do another post today. She was wondering what to do with her Christmas cards.
Well here's what I do. This photo was taken last year close to Christmas. I paper clip the cards to the garland. It's a fun way to look at the cards for the kids.

So how do you display your Christmas cards?


Nicole said...

On my entryway table I have a vase filled with ornament balls. I picked up some twigs from our yard after a snowstorm a couple of years ago and spraypainted them metallic gold and stuck them in the vase. Then I clip the cards to it with little red and clear mini clothespins I bought at Hobby Lobby. I have a picture of it on one of my posts from Saturday.

Love your idea too!

McMommy said...

That is so festive!! It looks fantastic and is a great way to display the cards. Love it! I wish I had a banister to decorate. :(

Dawn said...

That is a great idea!!! I am going to do that this year!