Monday, October 26, 2009

Menu Monday & Photos!

First let's start with my Menu then I will share with you the best tortillas on the planet.... really!!

Monday: Meal on the Go- at the request of 3 children we will now have grilled cheese sandwiches and tator tors with surprise dessert until further notice. Here is the photo of their meal on the go.

I have to smile, this eating in the car stuff just has them thrilled. They are so cute holding their little containers and so excited to have a fun meal. Tuesday: Chicken Tenders and Pasta Salad
Wednesday: Fried Fish and French Fries (We didn't get to it last week I got a craving for Homemade Nacho's.)
Thursday: Spaghetti and Meatballs (We also missed this meal last week, I got a craving for Taco's after the Nacho's)
Friday: Little Cesar's $5 Pizza

Last week I had some serious cravings. No I am not pregnant.... yet.
I also got a craving for some chocolate cupcakes..... yum!

I recruited some little helpers.

OK, now here is the moment you've waited for. The world's best tortilla's!!!! I buy these at Wallyworld (Wal-mart).
They come uncooked.
Just put them in a pan and cook. They are so delicious. They taste just like the best mexican restaurants, best part is you can make them at home!


Nicole said...

I'm so glad the dinners on the go idea worked for you guys!! Have a great week!

Lindsay said...

Very cute!!! What kind of containers are those?

Amy said...

I love your meal on the go idea. So much better than plopping down $15 at Sonic, right?

We get uncooked tortillas at Costco. I LOVE them!

AmyG said...

I have to look for that brand. We buy local - Albuquerque Tortilla Company which we had last night with some green chili stew made with pork YUMMMM.

SuzSpeaks said...

I LOVE those tortillas!

Amy said...

Hey Jen did you see this coupon for $1 meal at Boston Market? Good one - this week only!

Aimee said...

I love those tortillas too!

The "surprise" dessert sounds yummy!