Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Early Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas

Starting my Christmas shopping early and planning very carefully.
This Christmas season we've really got a tight budget to stick to.

The problem is friends and family. My husband has a large family so that means lots of gifts. That is what adds up fast.

I love personalized gifts. I've already knocked 4 people off my list with spending less than $20. Vista Print has free items where you only pay shipping. I got some custom hats, bags, stationary, calendars and pens.

This is great for parents, in-law or cousins.
We got these cards printed last year for free!

The key to saving with Vista Print is using the slow shipping option. If you order in advance shipping time doesn't matter. The slow option is 21 days. That gets your items here way before Christmas.

They've got some special click thru offers so check it out and see how litte you can spend! Save 25-50% off on custom printed products at VistaPrint. Order today!

P.S. Family members if you are reading... it's the thought that counts not how much you spend, right?


Nicole said...

I love Vistaprint! I get personalized calendars for my family members every year from here! In fact, I'd better get on that!

Lindsay said...

Nice Jen! Thanks for the idea! :)

The White's said...

Thank you!!! I am looking for some budget friendly ideas this year.

I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks again:)

Rebecca said...

i love vista print too! that's where i get all my invitations. (if i don't make them.) thanks for the suggestion! :)

Anonymous said...

You may want to check out these sites also <---they are currently offering 100 FREE business cards that you can custom design on their interactive website and they will ship right to you.

You may also want to check out <--- same deal, custom printing, any size, high-gloss, excellent quality and service

bks2plz said...

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Dina said...

I just ordered from Vista print today! I love it!

Elizabeth said...

You might get some good ideas here

George said...

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The Classy Woman said...

Great idea! I love Vistaprint and their slow shipping option of 21 days has been known to arrive on my doorstep in as fast as 3 days!

Christmas Gifts said...

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